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Match Report


Posted Sat 29 Mar 03 at 22:00 PM


A classic game of two halves for the Bees saw them eventually power their way through to a more than useful three points with what on paper may seem a comfortable 3-0 win.

But for the first forty five minutes no one can have visualised how the game was going to change. Both sides were short on confidence and it looked as if a goalless draw was the safest bet. However the Bees secret weapon (a half time talking to from Wally and the changing of ends towards the Brook Road End proved) to be the Bees salvation.

In the 52nd minute the Bees won a corner near the left-hand corner flag. Martin Rowlands whipped the ball in and it found the back of the net via the head of Matt Somner and the far post. Paul Smith made an absolutely brilliant save from a stunning Paul Harsley volley in the 66th minute which, had it gone in may well have hit the Bees confidence.

Instead eleven minutes later the Bees scored from a clinical break. Stephen Evans inside his own penalty area headed the ball out to Stephen Hunt who on seeing Rowan Vine ahead of him played the ball into space. Rowan raced on from the half way line and then intelligently laid the ball perfectly into the path of the onrunning Martin Rowlands, who having timed his run to perfection slotted the ball home from eight yards out. But the icing on the cake was still to come.

Stephen Hunt picked up the ball just outside the centre circle from a Jay Smith knock down. He almost lazily ran towards the left flank before getting up speed, and having cut outside Jerry Gill and inside Chris Hargreaves he unleashed an absolute beauty into the far corner of the net. The win was just the tonic the Bees deserved.bring on Cheltenham.

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