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Posted: Mon 05 Nov 2012
Author: Mark Chapman

Image by: Mark D Fuller

Club looks for supporters to help upgrade Training Ground facilities.

Do you have skills, contacts or expertise that may assist Brentford Football Club?

Brentford FC is interested in hearing from supporters that may be able help the Club off the field.

And in exchange, the Club can offer match tickets plus the possibility of company exposure in the match day programme, the Club's website and via Brentford FC’s other communication channels.

The Club believes many supporters would offer their services and/or expertise gladly but would not necessarily come forward unless invited to do so. 

Well now is your opportunity to do just that.

Whatever your trade, skill or expertise, the Club would love to hear from you. 

Maybe you`re a plumber, carpenter, painter, decorator, signwriter, printer or work in one of many other trades.

Maybe you own or work at a furniture store, hardware store, paint shop or other store and could offer special rates for specific items. 

Whatever you do, and/or wherever you work, if you think you would like to help the Club in some way by offering your services, please let us know. 

You may be able to help the Club practically by offering your services, or those of your business.

You may be able to offer special rates, or even go so far as donate items which could be of benefit to the Club.

If there is anything you feel you can do, Brentford FC would like to hear from you.

The Club invited supporters in a similar initiative a good few years ago and received a tremendous response.  

One project ongoing at the moment which supporters could certainly help with concerns the upgrading of the facilities at the Jersey Road Training Ground. 

A good deal of investment and development has taken place there over the past few months but one area that still remains to be improved is the leisure area for the First Team Players.

After training the squad are currently able to enjoy lunch prepared by the Club, but paid for by the players themselves, but in less than comfortable surroundings. 

The Club would like to decorate and refurbish what was previously a multi-purpose gym/canteen/meeting room into an area in which the players can relax.

So, if you think you can help the Club in some way, or would like us to hold your details should Brentford FC require your services in the future, please email

Thank you in advance.